The magic happens when the team comes together. The Nubian Jak Team record our past and inspire our futures.

Introducing our Team:

A Team of Professionals


Kesheniwa Aghaji

Art Director

Kesheniwa Aghaji is an artist, and cultural facilitator. She directs inititatives, working with partnerships and networks, and provides workshops, and learning programmes. She began working with Nubian Jak in 2015 on the African and Caribbean War Memorial project.

Jak Beula

CEO / Founder

Founder – Nubian Jak Group in 1994, Jak is a recording artist, social worker, and creator of the award-winning board game “Nubian Jak”.

Joanne Jarrett

Joanne Jarrett owns an Online Transcriptions Agency, Where her team process legal, medical and media industry audio, as well as working on various diverse projects.