Executive Team:

Jak Beula (CEO)

Founder – Nubian Jak Group in 1994, Jak is a recording artist, social worker, and creator of the award-winning board game “Nubian Jak”.

Professor Doirean Wilson – Chair

Dorian Wilson is a diversity expert and Lecturer at Middlesex University London, previous roles include business consultant, journalist and TV presenter.

Josephine Beaton – Treasurer

Josephine is a Former Headteacher of Norlington Sch. for Boys, Leyton, described by a researcher as “in some ways the most impressive school we have seen”

Jay Mastin – Business Manager

With over 25 years’ exp. in running service-oriented businesses, Jay provided services to Buckingham Palace, House of Commons, NHS and BBC.

Dr Margaret Busby


Margaret Busby was Britain’s youngest and first black woman book publisher, and compiled the groundbreaking anthologies Daughters of Africa.

David Toothill

David Toothill is a A justice campaigner and artist, Est. 2004 what is now London Sch. of Mosaic, taught the 1st higher ed. Diploma in Mosaic Studies.

Dr Lady Ros Howells

Lord Herman Ouseley

Lord Paul Boateng


Honorary President:
Professor Gus John

Dr Yvonne Thompson