On 24th August 2018, we are planning to honour 70 pioneers who were integral in the development of Notting Hill Carnival. We will be inscribing their names on the largest (6ft!) blue plaque in the world!  Very few of the 2 million people who attend this carnival each year and countless more observing from afar, know who they have to thank for this amazing festival, or even what it celebrates.   A plaque honouring the pioneers is past due.


Raising Funds

Nubian Jak Community Trust is raising funds to help cover the cost of the plaque and the installation.

Please visit to donate.


Where will the plaque be placed?

The Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers Plaque will be unveiled at noon inside the park of Cambridge Gardens, London, W10 5UD.


What we’ll deliver?

* Install the world’s largest blue plaque (6ft!) inside the park of Cambridge Gardens W10 5UD.  It will then go to the Venture Centre, Wornington Road, London W10 5YB, where it will  remain until is permanently installed later in the year.  This places it at one of the spiritual homes of Notting Hill Carnival for all attending to see.


How it Happened

The birth of Caribbean carnival in this country was born out of the leadership of Claudia Jones, and the courage of London’s West Indian community in the aftermath of the August bank holiday Notting Hill Resistance (so called riots) of 1958. In 1965, another bank holiday event organised by social worker Rhaune Laslette, took place called the Notting Hill Fayre. This multicultural fyre provided the space for the birth of the Notting Hill Carnival. Over the ensuing years so many people sacrificed their time to help create a festival celebrating West Indian culture, which changed the face of post war Britain. We are passionate about celebrating these unsung heroes and heroines, with the largest ever commemorative blue plaque ever produced. The plaque is destined to become a tourist attraction for carnival and the nation’s capital.

What the carnival is today is thanks to the efforts of so many people and we sadly cannot pay tribute to all of them, but this plaque is a step in the right direction. We need your help, and any contribution you can give will go a long way to paying towards a tribute recognising these amazing people.


The plaque is being manufactured by Leander Architectural in Buxton, Derbyshire. The cost for producing the unprecedented size plaque is £5328 (incl. VAT). For more information contact Ted McVoy on  01298 814 941.

The installation of the plaque is being done by the building and civil engineering contractors, T. Loughman & C Ltd. For more information contact Adiran Loughman on 01322 400 500.

The stage and PA system is being provided by Owen Bell PA Hire on 07916 286 342.

The idea and its organisation, project management, and stewarding of the unveiling ceremony,  was created by the charity Nubian Jak Community Trust. The costs in this area will be absorbed by the Trust.


The plan:

* Create a heritage site for Carnival and West London
* Provide a permanent public site raising awareness of Carnival’s  history


Why it’s a great idea:

The Notting Hill Carnival (NHC) is now the largest street festival in Europe. It’s a happy celebration of music, dance, theatre, costume, food, and socialising. Every year people from all over the world visit NHC, and the eyes of the international media turn to West London to focus on an event which contributes over £100 million to London’s economy. In January 1959, the political activist, Claudia Jones, organised Britain’s first Caribbean (indoor) carnival, as an annual fundraiser for ‘victims of the 1958 Notting Hill Bank Holiday Race Riots’.

In 1965, a Social worker name Rhaune Laslett, organised the Notting Hill Fayre, to improve relations between the different communities in the area. This event provided the space for a  historic walk of three Trinidad musicians ie Russell Henderson, Sterlington Betancourt and Ralph Cherrie which provided the spark for what would turn into the Notting Hill Carnival. We feel it’s time that those responsible for this beautiful celebration who have received such little recognition, be recognised. Help us give them the honour and respect they deserve!

Steps to getting it done:

1. Launch our crowdfunding campaign
2. Hit target!
3. Organise the manufacturing of the plaque
4. Install the plaque

To donate please visit this link.

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